There are two independent legal entities: public vision GmbH (TV & Video) and public vision MEDIEN (Print & Digital). This is an offer by public vision GmbH.
VW Crafter' - public vision
public vision takes off' - public vision
Aichinger Group' - public vision

Aichinger Group

Imagevideo AICHINGER Group; successful shopfitting and shop furniture, counters and furniture for all industries.

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Los Angeles Impressions' - public vision

Los Angeles Impressions

During the filming of Germany's Next Top Model in Los Angeles, our cameraman, Julien Prause, experimented with the DJI Osmo camera. This footage is the result.

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proAlpha case study: Maya Maschinenfabrik' - public vision
Inklusionspreis NRW 2015: 1. Platz' - public vision

Inklusionspreis NRW 2015: 1. Platz

We produce films to introduce the nominees for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia's Inclusion Awards. Here is the video for the winning organisation in 2015, Miteinander leben e.V. Köln.

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proAlpha case study: Wipotec' - public vision

proAlpha case study: Wipotec

We produce customer reference films for the Ismaning-based software company, proAlpha, on behalf of their agency, Conosco. Here is a sample film about proAlpha's customer, Wipotec GmbH. The leading innovator and internationally recognized system provider for the integration of intelligent weighing technology.

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Holly Jolly Christmas by Carisma' - public vision

Holly Jolly Christmas by Carisma

For all fans of jolly Christmas music – set against the glow of Christmas by the public vision team! Holly Jolly Christmas – a true classic interpreted, re-arranged and honed to perfection by our friends, Magdalena and Carlo of the crossover guitar duo, CARisMA, together with percussionist, Max Klaas.

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North Pole Flight  2010' - public vision

North Pole Flight 2010

This film shows highlights of a North Pole flight arranged by Deutsche Polarflug and operated by Air Berlin. The thirteen-hour flight takes off and lands in Düsseldorf in the western part of Germany. It sets course towards Denmark, Norway, Bear Island in the Arctic, and the archipelago of Svalbard, before reaching the North Pole and returning to Düsseldorf via the spectacular east coast of Greenland and Iceland. The flight on an Airbus 330-200 offers spectacular views of the Arctic landscape and turns this journey to the North Pole into a real adventure.

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Employee profile' - public vision

Employee profile

A personal profile of action medeor employee, Andrea Palm, and her work for the charity. Ms Palm works in the warehouse of the medicines charity in Tönisvorst and at the time of filming was working flat out with her colleagues to coordinate and move the medicines being provided as aid for the regions in the Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

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Barmenia Business Conference' - public vision

Barmenia Business Conference


Sixty German Business Foundation scholarship students were invited to the 2014 Barmenia Business Conference. The slogan for the conference was “Health and Demographic Change”. We recorded the proceedings and high points for posterity in this video for the Barmenia Versicherungen insurance company and as a souvenir for participants.

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Droege Group: International carrer opportunities' - public vision
Trailer Jörg Sasse' - public vision

Trailer Jörg Sasse

This is the trailer for a documentary on the origins of a work by Jörg Sasse. "Speicher" – an analogue database – contains 512 photographs which enable the hangings at the museum to be tailored to each visitor. This fascinating work – a sculptural image database with an analogue and therefore slower function – allows museum visitors to confront their own preconceptions of images. Speicher is currently owned by the Bonn Art Gallery [Kunstmuseum Bonn]. You can order the DVD with the complete film from us. For more information, click HERE.

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SR-Magazin SaarLorLüx: Cassero currant liqueur' - public vision

SR-Magazin SaarLorLüx: Cassero currant liqueur

For some time, the blackcurrants for “Cassero” in Befort in Luxembourg had to be imported from France because there were no longer any pickers in the Müller Valley. Now the drops of dark red goodness once again originate 100% in the region. 

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SR-Magazin SaarLorLüx: Hay wine' - public vision

SR-Magazin SaarLorLüx: Hay wine

In spring in the High Vosges, nature is at her best and has prompted some unusual ideas among the local people. What cows love to eat can also be good for people as well, thought Fabrice Chevrier, when he had the idea of distilling hay harvested from the high mountain pastures to make hay wine. And Nicolas Thomas from the "Ferme du bien être" health farm in Geradmer is looking for plants from his native region to generate more and more new product ideas. We went to take a closer look at what the outcomes were. 

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Inclusion Awards NRW 2015' - public vision

Inclusion Awards NRW 2015

We produce films to introduce the nominees for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia's Inclusion Awards. Here is the video for Kamen-based Familienbande e.V. which were runners-up in 2015.

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CARisMA playing Django Reinhardt´s Gypsy Jazz Tune „Minor Swing' - public vision

CARisMA playing Django Reinhardt´s Gypsy Jazz Tune „Minor Swing

During the promotional shoot in the run-up to the China tour by crossover guitar duo, CARisMA, at the Ugly de Luxe bar in Düsseldorf, we were treated to our own private concert as the pair played the Django Reinhardt classic. A wonderful piece of music and two brilliant guitarists. We simply had to make a video clip out of it. Enjoy! 

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Sankt Wendel district' - public vision

Sankt Wendel district

The rural district of Sankt Wendel lies in the north of the Saarland and is rich in natural and cultural attractions. This film is an impressionistic journey through the district and shows some of the high points, such as the celtic hill fort at Otzenhausen, which is also known as Hunnenring, the Benedictine abbey at Tholey and the Oberthaler Bruch Nature Conservation Area, as well as Lake Bostal, southwest Germany's biggest lake.

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3M: Innovation Summit' - public vision
Tourism promotional film for Sankt Wendel' - public vision
Gordon Tredgold' - public vision
Gordon Tredgold  FAST Leadership' - public vision