There are two independent legal entities: public vision GmbH (TV & Video) and public vision MEDIEN (Print & Digital). This is an offer by public vision GmbH.

Staff motivation

Filmmaker for a Day

"Filmmaker for a Day" is the ideal concept for your company event. The combination of action, entertainment and goal-oriented activity for your employees won't just contribute to developing and strengthening their team spirit: video working groups are a particularly effective and creative means of motivating staff. public vision TV & VIDEO has been highly successful in establishing itself in the market in recent years with this specific tool for motivating staff.

To a large degree, film and TV work is teamwork: everyone needs to pull together if the result is to be pitched just right. Your employees are given the experience of producing a two to three-minute film in very little time and with limited resources. As a result, you're giving your employees the opportunity to engage in a creative and communicative activity with their colleagues. Everyone can experience the outcome together at a "film premiere" at your company event.

You can adapt this team-building event module specifically to the aim of your event. Options for use for staff motivation purposes:

  • Team-building
  • Change processes
  • Mergers
  • Implementing vision
  • Customer focus
  • Product launch
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Your own topic

With our longstanding experience in organisational development, we'll advise you on how to design your event to steer you with pinpoint accuracy to your goal. Another benefit is that the resulting films can have a lasting use for other corporate communications purposes.

Download "Filmmaker for a Day" brochure.pdf