There are two independent legal entities: public vision GmbH (TV & Video) und public vision MEDIEN (Print & Digital). This is an offer by public vision GmbH.

Corporate videos in corporate communications

Authentic, direct and effective

Companies use corporate videos to communicate their issues internally to staff or externally to the market and general public. In this context, video offers a number of unbeatable advantages:

  • Authenticity
  • Realtime option – video streaming
  • Easy to consume
  • Emotional appeal
  • No distribution costs – link via video platforms
  • Low break-even point
  • Fast availability
  • Clarity

However, working with this medium needs to be very precisely thought out. Video works best when it is embedded in a corporate communications strategy. Some of the simpler video productions can certainly be produced in-house by the companies themselves. These include:

  • Video interviews
  • Simple short PR films
  • Product presentations

Essentially, this depends on the commitment and ability of the staff. Anyone seriously thinking of producing corporate videos themselves needs to link it to a basic initial corporate communications strategy, train their staff and schedule a launch event.

We are your first point of contact for training and advice on this topic. public vision's employees and network partners are employed as lecturers at universities, private academies, state sector education institutions and companies.

Book an appointment with us – we'd be delighted to advise you.

For using video in some areas of corporate communications, on the other hand, we recommend you call on external expertise because the time and effort required in-house is too great and puts pressure on the core business. And because it simply isn't worth holding and maintaining the technology you need or because there isn't the expertise or experience that only professionals have who deal with moving image production on a daily basis. If any of that applies in your case, we're there for you!

public vision produces daily moving image content for well-known German and international TV companies. With this experience to back you up, you can count on us as your partner when you need to bring your corporate communications to life with corporate videos, open up new prospects and capture new target groups.

Selected examples:

Video podcast - public vision | Video- & Medienproduktion | Corporate Publishing | DüsseldorfVideo podcast - public vision | Video- & Medienproduktion | Corporate Publishing | DüsseldorfVideo podcast - public vision | Video- & Medienproduktion | Corporate Publishing | Düsseldorf

Video podcast

Kunde: Klöckner & Co SE
Video podcasts in German and English for one of the world's biggest independent steel and metal distributors and one of the leading steel service centre companies
Webvideos - public vision | Video- & Medienproduktion | Corporate Publishing | DüsseldorfWebvideos - public vision | Video- & Medienproduktion | Corporate Publishing | Düsseldorf


Kunde: Droege Groep

Since 2014, public vision has produced online videos for the Düsseldorf-based Droege Group. The videos feature on the Ventures and Careers pages of the Droege website and were developed in terms of design and content as a joint undertaking in accordance with the corporate communications strategy.

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