There are two independent legal entities: public vision GmbH (TV & Video) and public vision MEDIEN (Print & Digital). This is an offer by public vision GmbH.

Videojournalist - a multitasker

Ready to face the press, an audience and the camera

Do you need practice speaking to a large audience? Are you not too keen on standing in front of a camera? On our media training course, you’ll gain the necessary practice to face the camera as an expert and authentic contributor.

Brief interviews in an outside broadcast, full-length chat shows and live transmissions can all be realised in a professional TV studio.  Practise putting your arguments in immediately clear and logical terms and using your gestures, facial expressions and voice modulation in an authentic manner and specific to the situation. By the end of the day, you’ll be ready for your first take. If required, a team of experts will produce your own personal video podcast directly after the media training. You’ll be able to use it soon after, since we deliver our material swiftly for use on the internet or intranet.

Aimée Bastian, proprietor of the communications agency public vision MEDIEN, together with TV producer Lars Bastian of public vision’s video production unit, will prepare you in-house or in a professional TV studio for giving speeches, presentations and interviews. The team knows all the tricks of the trade and how to deal with stage fright: whether you’re in the group or going solo, after a media training course you’ll be ready to face the press and for your next appearance before an audience and a camera.